If you’re a North Carolina parent who has lost a child to an overdose, a parent who has a child battling addiction, or a parent who has a compassionate heart and are concerned about the opioid scourge our state is facing, we need your help and support.

We are: North Carolina Parents Coalition for C.H.A.N.G.E.

We have established six committees:

C – Change mindsets of addiction through awareness and education

H – Hope for addiction recovery

A – Advocates for mental health, substance addiction treatment, and legislative reform

N – Narcan education and training

G – Growth through grief

E – Encourage enforcement of G.S. 14-17(b)(2)

We each possess strengths and weaknesses. Right now my passion is legislative reforms and enforcement of G.S. 14-17(b)(2). What is your passion? Where’s your heart? Which of these six committees would you like to serve on? We need parents to rise up as warriors in this fight to step up and say “That’s where my heart is right now. This is where I would like to make a difference.”

If your desire is to set up outreach programs to educate people and spread awareness of addiction in order to change mindsets, we need you to step up. If your heart is in reaching out to those who suffer from addiction to give them hope for recovery, we need you to step up. If you’re an advocate for mental health and substance addiction treatment reforms, we need you to step up. Those whose heart is filled with the desire to save lives and give people another chance at recovery through Narcan training and distribution, we need you to step up. If your heart is full of compassion for parents and families grieving the loss of a loved one, we need you to step up. If you’re passionate about enforcing the law in North Carolina and prosecuting drug dealers, we need you to step up.

Each committee is creating an action plan that can be duplicated in each region and district as we grow and other leaders rise up across the state. The goal is for each of these six committees to eventually consist of three levels as we grow and leaders rise up in the Coalition; State, Regional and District.

We have established an amazing Advisory Board consisting of members who are a Pastor, a DEA Task Force Officer, a Legislative Assistant, a NC State Representative, a Senior Resident Superior Court Judge, Law Enforcement, and a Psychologist with the NC Prison System.

Now it’s time to build our Coalition with parents in North Carolina who are warriors; parents who refuse to allow our children’s deaths to go in vain, parents who are willing to fight for their children who suffer from addiction and mental illness, and parents who are compassionate and concerned enough to join us in our efforts to promote changes to offer hope for recovery to those who are still suffering.