“Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” Remember that? Well, friends don’t deliver substances to friends that can kill them either.  
I don’t believe in criminalizing anyone for simple possession or paraphernalia possession when it’s clear they need help. Those who suffer from substance use disorders need help, not jail. 
However, if you suffer from a substance use disorder, don’t start delivering substances to support your disease because that’s a very fine line you’re crossing into criminal activity. You could die from using these substances and so can those you’re delivering them to. You know that. We all know that and we all know that you know that. If you want help, contact us and we will do everything within our ability to try to get you the help you want and need.
The truth is, I want to see you get help. I want to see you in recovery living a healthy and productive life. However, if someone dies from a substance you provided them, you’re guilty of murder and I’m coming after you. I’m not your enemy, so don’t make me one. 
I’m going to start researching every overdose death I find in North Carolina and I’m going to push law enforcement and prosecutors to come after you. Remember, friends don’t provide substances to friends that can kill them. If you’re considering delivering these substances, get help instead.
I’m fighting to help you. If someone dies from a substance you provided them, I’m going to fight for them.
Alecia Roberts, North Carolina Parents Coalition for C.H.A.N.G.E., Chairperson; Encourage Enforcement of G.S.14-17(b)(2) Committee Chair