Written by: Don Flattery

Yesterday, the President’s Commission on Opioid Addiction (of which NC Governor Roy Cooper is a member) issued a significant set of recommendations to the President to address the opioid epidemic in the country. While the recommendations have not yet been accepted or implemented, all of the suggested changes are welcome.
In the treatment arena, the following has been proposed to help those without access to meaningful treatment:
“There are several barriers to the use of MAT, including a prevalent belief that use of MATdoes not constitute true recovery or sobriety. The Federal Government, as a major purchaser of health care services, has a tremendous opportunity to increase the availability of MAT for individuals with OUDs.


Immediately establish and fund a federal incentive to enhance access to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Require that all modes of MAT are offered at every licensed MAT facility and that those decisions are based on what is best for the patient.”
The full interim report is available here:
https://www.whitehouse.gov/ ondcp/presidents-commission/ meetings