It was a privilege to meet with a group from B.A.C.K. O.F.F. of Brunswick County yesterday to work with Margaret Bordeaux of the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition to help assemble Naloxone kits. It was a life saving assembly line. 
As I was placing the Naloxone into each package I found myself wondering whose life each dose may save. Each life is someone’s child, parent, sibling who is loved so much more than they probably even realize. Assembling the kits was easy, yet so important because they will prevent other families from suffering the enormous loss so many of our families have experienced. 
I would like to see life saving assembly lines like this taking place in each county within North Carolina. If you’re interested in becoming a Narcan/Naloxone Trainer to train others to become Trainers and teach others how to use Narcan/Naloxone and help distribute these kits to save lives, please email me at NC Parents Coalition for Change.