I’ve always said WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER than we are individually. TOGETHER WE POSSESS THE POWER TO PROMOTE C.H.A.N.G.E. This has been proven to me this week as I’ve been working on the Candlelight Vigil. 
I’ve spoken with several locally elected officials and a recurring comment I’ve heard them make is “We’re entering an election cycle and those seeking reelection need to become involved and support your cause.” I agree! However, it is my hope that this crisis and our platform to address it would be a priority to each of them due to the impact it is having on us, their constituents as opposed to just a means of adding to their campaign platforms in the pursuit of reelection. Our children and loved ones are being ripped away from us by this scourge and it should not be taken lightly or taken advantage of for personal political gains. Yet, whatever their motives may be, WE HOLD THE POWER, WE their constituents, WE those who are being affected by this crisis, WE the voters who decide who is in and who is out. 
I realize some people cast their votes based on Party affiliations, because it’s the candidate their friends or family members are voting for, or because it’s the candidate who is currently in office and change isn’t always easy, and some only vote in Presidential elections. Some may not even be aware that we’re having Municipal Elections in the fall of this year but you need to be. 
I encourage you to get involved, research candidates, get to know them and what they stand for regardless of Party affiliations and understand the fact that if they are not for us, they are against us. Meet with them, talk to them, share your experiences with them, notice who is willing to listen and who isn’t, ask them how they’re going to address this crisis and fight for your children and loved ones, share our platform with them and pay close attention to their responses. It’s going to require all of us getting involved to seek solutions to end this scourge; all of us, from each one of us in our local communities to our Town Councilmen, Mayors, Judges, and even our School Board Members.
I realize many within the Coalition want to keep politics separate because this crisis is a nonpartisan issue that does not discriminate and affects us all. However, you know as well as I do that we are going to require the support of those who possess the ability and power to make change happen within our local government system, Judicial system and Legislative system at the state and federal levels. 
Honestly, it sickens me that anyone getting involved in our cause would be motivated by an election cycle instead of genuine and sincere compassion for those being affected by this daily. However, it is what it is. I just hope and pray that God will grant us wisdom to see through the smoke and mirrors as we progress and work toward bipartisan support in an effort to work together to save lives and end this scourge. It’s going to take each of us working together toward solutions.