We had a great meeting last night with B.A.C.K. O.F.F. of Brunswick County, NC during which we were able to share NCPCC’s purpose, platform and function of partnering with community organizations to connect individuals, provide resources and gain power to promote CHANGE in a united effort.  Through partnering with community organizations throughout the state of North Carolina we can promote awareness of those organizations for others within their communities to become involved,; we can learn of efforts taking place within various communities and then share those efforts with other communities to provide ideas and efficiency; we can determine resources available at the county and state level and then make information regarding those resources easily accessible to everyone.  Members of NCPCC are members of these communities who are involved in our own communities; members of organizations who partner with NCPCC are integral components of NCPCC. Together we are empowered to promote CHANGE and to hold our elected officials accountable to support us and work with us at the municipal and state levels of government.


We also had an Advisory Board Member of NCPCC who is a DEA Task Force Officer speak and share a video, “A Glimpse Into the Culture” to provide insight into a culture few truly understand.


Sheriff John Ingram of Brunswick County shared information regarding a project he is working to implement in Brunswick County to provide access to treatment to those who want and need it.


Leland Town Councilman, Mike Callahan reconfirmed the need for elected officials within our municipalities to become involved and work with us to be a part of the solution to the opioid crisis we’re facing.


Afterwards, there was an open discussion and questions segment during which quests were able to share suggestions and ask questions of the DEA TFO, Lieutenant Steve Lanier of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, treatment providers and each other.


If you would like to schedule a meeting such as this in your area, please email Alecia Roberts at ncparentscoalitionforchange@yahoo.com.