My name is Angie Thomas. I am a mother to three girls.

My middle daughter, Katie Thomas died from an overdose on August 17, 2016. She was in the custody of Neptune Township in New Jersey. Katie had been arrested on a paraphernalia charge and placed in a holding cell at 10:00 that morning. She was discovered unresponsive at 2:55 pm that afternoon. I am still trying to get answers but at the end of the day, I lost my daughter to her heroin addiction.

I am involved to try and make a difference and help others like ourselves. My daughter was taken to New Jersey through a sex trafficking ring and I want to put a stop to that and the countless overdoses that are sweeping our states. I am also very passionate about criminalizing those who suffer from addiction; HELP and HOPE, NOT HANDCUFFS; arrest the dealer not the addict.

I currently have a lawyer in New Jersey and I am fighting for justice for my daughter. I also have custody of her 4 year old son, Landen.