Members of North Carolina Parents Coalition for C.H.A.N.G.E. are all volunteers, including our Advisory Board members who donate their time, energy and talents to promote changes in an effort to save lives.

Unfortunately, it takes funding to complete most tasks. None of us are in this to profit financially but to work together to save lives. Many of us are expending our own resources, some of which are very limited to fund our initial startup expenses in our efforts to save the lives of others. Why? Because some of us have paid the ultimate price; the lives of our own children to this opioid scourge and it is our hearts’ desire to spare others the pain of such loss.

A few of the ongoing expenses we are incurring are expenses such as administrative fees for publications and educational materials, mailings and distribution of information, website domain, hosting events, awareness bracelets and t-shirts. We would also like to offer a scholarship program in the future to assist those in recover with a new start in life.

Our fundraising efforts will be focused on obtaining corporate sponsorships, private donations and various organized community events throughout the state that will not only raise funds but spread awareness.

If you are interested in getting involved in the committee, please contact Stephen Roberts at: