We lost our son, Jason “Wes” Sapp on April 7, 2016 at the age of 21.

His autopsy report showed he had trace amounts of xanax and hydrocodone in his system and a lethal dose of fentanyl. Wes’ death took us by complete shock. We are still seeking answers. The person responsible for giving him the lethal drug is in jail on second degree murder charges.

Wes was his class Vice President, class Most Valuable Athlete (Mr Bulldog), class Mr. Yearbook, football MVP and a county champion & 4th in state in wrestling. He received a scholarship and attended ECU, where he started pledging for a fraternity. We believe this was the beginning of Wes’ downfall. No longer a big fish in a small pond, Wes wanted to “belong”. Just hours after turning 18, he was charged with having marijuana in his college dorm. From there, his pot use continued. In September of 2015, he came to us wanting to quit, but struggling with anxiety and insomnia. We took him to a psychiatrist, who prescribed him 3 medications (one of which was xanax). He didn’t like the way the medicine made him feel and he stopped taking it and started smoking pot again. This is when he moved out of our home, as his pot use caused turmoil between us. Sometime after that, from what we can gather, someone taught Wes how to snort his xanax and that began his experimenting. In less than 6 months after moving out of our house, Wes died from a drug OD.

I became involved with another mother, who lost her son (my son’s friend and classmate) the day before my son and our local pastor (who had conducted numerous funerals for ODs) and we organized Sneads Ferry’s H.O.P.E., working to make a difference in our community and to fight the drug epidemic.

I am looking forward to working with other NC parents who have experienced a similar loss on a state wide level in hopes to see change and save lives! We are the voice of our children!

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