Purpose:  Narcan saves lives and needle exchange reduces harm:

The goal of the Narcan Training is to keep those who suffer from Substance Use Disorder alive and reduce harm as much as possible until those suffering can get effective treatment and enter recovery.

Our purpose is to serve our communities by providing training in order to spread awareness of Narcan/Naloxone; ensure that Narcan/Naloxone is in the hands of all first responders throughout North Carolina; encourage schools to have Narcan/Naloxone on hand; and help those who are most at risk of overdose or contracting HIV or Hepatitis C by directing them to Narcan/Naloxone distributors and needle exchange programs throughout the state.

If you are in need of Narcan please click here: NCHRC

For a list of needle exchange sites in North Carolina, please click here: Needle Exchange Sites

If you are interested in Chairing this Committee or becoming involved with this Committee please contact Alecia Roberts at the link below.