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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to confront the opioid crisis our state is facing; a scourge that is taking so many lives daily. We are stronger TOGETHER! We would like to ask you to consider becoming a NCPCC SUPPORTER or NCPCC SPONSOR to help us promote changes that will save lives!

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All organizations and coalitions that support the mission and platform of NCPCC are welcome to join us as partners.

Our voice gets louder and we become stronger every time an organization is added to the list.

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Make a donation of $100 or more to a become NCPCC SUPPORTER and your organization will receive a link to its website on the NCPCC website.

Please email us if you or your organization would like to make an in-kind donation of goods or services in support of NCPCC.

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Notice! NCPCC does not accept support from entities that could be perceived as a conflict of interest, including companies that manufacture or distribute opioid analgesics and non-profit organizations which receive funding from these companies.