Gina Parker, Secretary/Treasurer

Gina is a native of NC and currently serves on the board of In His Image Ministries. She has over 25 years in the financial industry. Gina and her husband Reggie are also the founders of Mighty Warriors Ministries, Inc.
Her hearts desire is to encourage other young women to step up and dig deeper. To find their true God spot. That place that they find true happiness in the Lord. Gina “was not” born with a silver spoon. She lived most of her teenage years tarnished. From a liar, to a thief to a promiscuous start into her teenage years. As an unmarried teenage mother of twins at the ripe age of 16 she learned very quickly how to manipulate to get what she “thought”she wanted… But GOD.
For the past 30 plus years Gina been serving God and inspiring others from the US to the mission fields of Ethiopia.
Contact Gina at: Gina Parker